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5 Things to Look Forward to on a Nile Cruise

The River Nile is the longest river on Earth, stretching across ten different countries in Africa, going from Lake Victoria up to the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Egypt. A popular way to see all that the Nile River has to offer is to enjoy a cruise along a short or long section of the river. It is possible to take a short Nile River cruise in a felucca boat for a few days with tours in Egypt, or to set sail on a larger ship for a week or longer and take in several unique destinations along the river. Here are five places to look forward to seeing when on a Nile River cruise.


1. Luxor: This Egyptian city is a unique blend of history and modernity. Home to some of the most fascinating Egyptian historical landmarks means it is visited by millions of international travellers each year, which undoubtedly have an influence on the local culture, language and population. Nile cruises often spot at Luxor in order to visit places like the Valley of the Kings. Home to the Tomb of Tutankhamun and the Tomb of Ramesses VI, it is one of the most visited destinations along the Nile River and a prime stop for any cruise tour.


2. Khartoum: The Sudanese capital of Khartoum is where the two section of the Nile River meet to flow upwards toward Egypt and Mediterranean Sea. Many cruises stop here to take in sights like the famous Nile Street, the Sudan Ethnographic Museum and the impressive shopping destination the Souk Omdurman.


3. Edfu: This town along the Nile River is not large, but is known for being the home to an impressive temple of Greek and Roman origins. The temple honours Horus the Sun God and is in fantastic shape despite the age. Spend a few hours off the cruise boat touring the temple and taking in the elaborate art depicting ancient mythology on both the interior and exterior of the building.


4. Sinai Peninsula: This is perhaps one of the most historical and religious site all of Egypt, especially for those interested in Christianity. Mount Sinai is the most well known destination on the Sinai Peninsula and is famed for being the location where Moses received the Ten Commandments from his God. At the base of the mountain lies St. Catherine's Monastery, which can be toured and is home to a staggering amount of cultural and religious art and texts.


5. Lake Victoria: Further to the South, the Nile historically begins at Lake Victoria. Victoria spans three different countries, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is the largest lake in all of Africa and home to beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife, making it the ideal place to begin a type of holiday you’ll enjoy with no regrets.

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