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Cheap Cuba Holidays and the Top 10 Things To Do In Cuba

Cuba holidays are priced just right and remain one of the best values in the Caribbean. Shopping, dining and beautiful beaches are easy to book any month of the year. Get your slice of Cuban paradise cheap as chips with an all inclusive Cuba holiday package plan. Stop dreaming and start doing with a fabulous Cuba holiday tailor made for you. 
Things To Do In Cuba
1. El Maceon
This scenic walking tour is on the coast of Havana and leads you straight the Old Havana district with a forty minute brisk walk. The powerful crashing waves smashing into the concrete boardwalk seawall makes you come alive with the real feel of the Caribbean. El Maceon is lined with quaint cafes, unique boutique shopping and a chance to meet and greet the locals. 
2. San Pedro de la Roca del Morro Castle
This beautiful castle on the bay is a World Heritage site and provides stunning views over the beach. The best time to visit the castle is an hour before sunset when a canon fire show kicks off the awesome orange sunsets. 
3. Museo Hemingway FincaVigia
This historical mansion is where Hemingway was inspired to write many of his novels. Perched on a hilltop about twenty minutes from Old Town, the Hemingway museum opens its doors for a full tour inside and out. The highlights include the study room where Hemingway penned his great works and the cemetery where he buried his beloved pets. 
4. YHI Spa
Slip into luxury at Cuba's premier spa. The YHI Spa is located in Cayo Santa Maria and offers deep tissue massages, mineral pools and a variety of feel-good healing arts. 
5. Callejon de Hammel
Your best bargain shopping in Havana is found at this action-packed flea market filled with the sights, sounds and scents of Cuba. Sunday shopping is the most crowded, however the Callejon de Hammel is bustling every day. Enjoy live street music, tasty treats from sidewalk vendors and a haggling culture to get the price you want to pay. 
Some of the Best Restaurants In Cuba
1. Restaurant La Casa
The moderately priced Restaurant La Casa opens for breakfast and serves right through to late night meals. The eclectic blend of French, Cuban, Tapas and Italian has something for everyone with generous portions big enough for two. Try the mouth watering lobster or keep it simple with a grilled chicken plate. Drink up at a full bar and try the Tapas appetizers in this lively and popular Havana eatery. 
2. La Torre
La Torre serves international cuisine and offers one of the most spectacular views over the Havana city lights. This cozy dining room is perched on the top of the Foxa Building and provides a 360 degree view that lights up after dark. 
3. Floridita
This charming informal cafe is opened all day from breakfast to late night suppers. The plan of attack at Floridita is to kick back with their famous Daiquiris and smoke a Cuban cigar. The place can get a bit smokey at times, however with a fine Cuban blend cigar and tasty mojito in hand,Floridita hits the spot for a night out in Havana. 
4. RestaurantePaladar Decameron
Eat right with healthy entrees prepared with reduced fat, fresh fruits and vegetables. This budget-friendly cafe serves up fusion food and international cuisine with a heart-smart balanced diet. 
5. La Campana
Carnivores make your way to the best steaks in Havana. La Campana has a weird menu with Japanese, International, European and Italian fare, however the price is right at rock bottom rates. Dine inside or outdoors by the pool; this unique Havana restaurant is located on the outskirts of the city for a quiet and relaxing meal away from the traffic.
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