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Six Adventurous Things to do in Kenya

The spirit of adventure is one aspect that defines us as human beings. Adventure can take many forms: educational, social, Geographical, or leisure. Adventure makes us better informed, kills stereotypes, and extends our horizons that were once not feasible. Kenya, east Africa is one such frontier where the spirit of adventure is still rife attracting thousands of visitors from around the world to some thrilling action in various parts of the world.

It goes without saying the Queen Elizabeth II was in Kenya in 1952 in the spirit of adventure when she received the life changing call that she was know the queen of England. There are great things to do in Kenya if you want to quench the “wandering” spirit within you. 

Check cheap flights and start planning your trip with some adventurous things to do in Kenya, the cradle of mankind.

Climb Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain after Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in central Kenya, the mountain is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to taste their adventures spirit. Like all mountain treks, the mountain expedition is sure to test one to the mettle. Those able and willing to go up are treated to some amazing scenery rich in both plant, and animal life.

Have a road trip from Turkana to Mombasa

In the last ten years, the road infrastructure in Kenya has greatly improved; the same can be said with respect to security. If you want to explore the country Geography, people, and customs that have spurned hundreds of years it is recommended that you have a road trip from Turkana to Mombasa. Turkana located in the Northern part is a dry part of Kenya and is best known as the cradle land of mankind following the discovery of remains of the Turkana boy dating back 1.6 million years ago.

Meet the wild animals

One of the greatest attributes of Kenya as a tourist attraction is its wild life parks and sanctuaries rich with animal life including the big five. The two biggest National parts are the Mara and Tsavo. The Mara is particularly popular with locals, and international tourist who come to witness the annual migration of the wildebeest over river Mara, an occurrence that has been declared as one of the new wonders of the world.

Explore the rift valley

The Rift valley is Kenya’s biggest province; it is also the most diverse province in Kenya. Some of the inhabitants of this province are the Maasai, a community that has not changed its way of life for thousands of years. The rift valley is also recommended for people who want to raise their endurance level. Its altitude makes it a perfect place for training, and it is no wonder that this province has produced some of the world best runners in the world. Some British athletes who train here include Paula Radcliffe, and Mo Farah.

Deep sea fishing at the Kenyan coast

If you love deep sea fishing, then make it a point to visit either the coastal city of Mombasa or Malindi. These two tourists’ hubs have established water sports games one of which is deep sea fishing.

Water rafting at River Athi

Water rafting is an emerging adventurous sport in the Kenya. River Athi, Kenya second biggest river is the hotspot for water rafting in Kenya. Be sure of an adrenaline rush, just as the rushing waters downstream. It is one of the things to do in Kenya if you are the daring type.


Photo: Wikipedia

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